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Because of WongFuLove <3

Wong Fu Productions

Oh, those asian guys who upload videos on youtube?
NA-AH! They are MORE than that.

May 2011, my friend Kathy shared a link to me, saying that I should go see it! I was in the middle of doing a school requirement to be submitted that moment when I saw the link. When I got to finish what I had to do, I told myself, “I should reward myself by watching the video.”

We Dance! Line Dance…for Charity! My first-ever-watched Wong Fu video.

That is how you do the dancing! ;)

I was really laughing SOOOOOO hard! And from that day forward, I’ve been feeling this so-called “wong fu love” 

Thus, this tumblr account was also created. Through this.. I found someone’s post and wishing an ISA Philippines. It was really cool to know that I am not dreaming alone! :D So I reblogged the post. After awhile, I received a message in my inbox! And to my surprise, the creator of that post lives in the same city with me! That’s not just all, we also are in the same university! A M A Z I N G :D #destiny Thus, the friendship I have with Gisela who obviously has this ”wong fu love” 

And through Gisela, I was introduced to another wongfulove named Jhai :]

Alaiza Geene Maandig. Born: Jan. 25, 1995.

Never met her in person yet. Established a friendship with her through the internet.
I may not know her that well. But one thing’s for sure, I SO LOVE HER.

HEY JHAI! Somebod-iessssss want to greet you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D

*huge thanks to Christine & Regina for allowing me to edit this :’] thank you! ♥♥

jhai was sooooo thankful when she saw this. I mean thankFUL!

plus! New Heights' tweet :']

*huge thanks to New Heights for the instant response :’] thank you! ♥

I know Jhai was so happy when she saw your tweet. And so was I :] and look at how she flooded me with her thank you’s.. hihi

After all of Jhai’s THANK YOU’s, I felt like someone became so happy with just a tweet and a little of photoshop.

Therefore, I came to realize, it’s not always…

Because this time, it’s Technology Brings Happiness :D


"There is no distance too great between friends, for love gives wings to the heart."

Happy Birthday Jhai! - wongfuloves ♥

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